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The Sportsmen's Den has been dealing with skis and snowboards for more than 25 years.
When it comes to repair or performance enhancement, WE KNOW OUR STUFF!

Best Snowboard repair avalable in Northern California

Repairing and increasing snowboard performance has long been our specialty. We use the Grindrite SLT 1800 Combo Machine to make sure every board that leaves the shop has received a high quality tune from tip to tail. Whether you want a minor edge sharpening or a base welded digger, we can service your board.

When you bring your equipment in, let our technicians do the work.  Let us fill your nicks and dings with P-tex and then grind your base flat and smooth on our belt grinder.  Next let us sharpen your edges to perfection on our mini edger to create a solid edge for increased hold in the snow and for better turning capabilities. Then let us add structure to your base using our new stone grinder. Structure decreases suction created by the snow and your board or ski base.  It will allow for easier turns and a faster glide across the snow.  Finally, let us hot was your base using a high grade all-temperature wax, creating the finishing touches on one of the finest tunes around.

We not only can tune boards and skis, but we offer a variety of different services for snowboards which include mounting, adjustments, waxes, tunes, grinds, patch work, and even to that major delaminating repairs, or any other work you may need done. And just because we have gone to snowboards only on the retail side of our business, doesn't mean we can't help you skiers out. All shop employees are trained on ski, binding and boot compatibility, adjustment, and repair. For skiers we offer all the same services as the above, including binding torque test and adjustment. So if you need repairs or information on repair work, stop by or call.

We are more than happy to help!


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